Facebook Groups Are Driving Me Nuts!

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With organic reach being a bit ” hit and miss” on business pages, many of us are gravitating towards groups. Many social media ” gurus” are advocating the use of them for brand awareness, building your ” tribe” etc, etc. To be quite honest, they’re doing my head in!

I’m a member of a very active and growing Facebook Advertising group, run by a well-known Facebook Ads expert. Initially, I thought ” yes!” somewhere to bounce off ideas, speak with other people experiencing what I am, possibly even get some work out of it……. It’s a mess. The number of posts like this:

  • My client wants me to run ads and I’ve no idea where to start (hmm, there’s PLENTY of resources out there)
  • I’ve been paid £1k to run ads and they’re bombing, what do I do? (how about not taking money off people if you’ve no clue what you’re doing)
  • Why is this ad not working? (cue crap image and copy)

I can of course leave the group, but I’m sort of fascinated by how it’s running and starting to police itself. For a start, the group owner is very rarely seen unless selling something. There appears to be no admin infrastructure, or if they’re present, they’re very quiet! Engagement on posts is falling, as there are so many posts and most of them are crap. I reckon eventually, people will drop off and it will become more focussed again. Or possibly not, who knows!

I’m also a member of a few more local business networking groups. There is little relationship-building, chat or camaraderie. There’s a hardcore of posters who advertise their business – subject to the rules of the group of course! What’s the point? If we’re not going to actually chat and just sell, we may as well just stick to looking at our timelines. There are enough people selling to us!

So, what’s my advice? Stick with the business pages. I manage a number of Facebook pages that have really good organic reach and engagement? Why? because we’re posting useful information and focusing on growing relationships with people. This sort of brings me on to something else, stop using personal profiles to sell. It sucks. I want to be your mate. If I want to buy your products, I’ll seek them out separately.

Sarah x