Stop Shouting At Your Followers – It Won’t Work

Engaging your online community and then convincing them to buy is an art. As is keeping them interested and encouraging them to tell their mates all about you with a share, retweet etc.

It’s not an art that is out of everyone’s reach (Van Gogh original) it’s more of a print that you’d pick up at an art gallery. Still costs you a bob or two, but most people can achieve it if they want to.

I’ve had two conversations this week with lovely people who are working their socks off on their social media, to no avail. One pointed me in the direction of a competitor who on the face of it is ” winning ” on Facebook. “Look at all their followers.” Yes, but all that glitters isn’t gold. When I looked through their posts, almost of all of them had little or no engagement on them. I’d say 90% of their posts were self-promotional. If not more. I’d be very surprised if they were converting to sales.

So, how had they grown their page if it was all too ” salesy?” By having an attractive product. Products that are glitzy, aimed at women are likely to make it easier to grow an audience on Facebook. The hook is there. It’s what happens next that counts.

Post after post offering your services is shouting. Saying “buy me, buy from me, this is why you should buy from me” etc is ok, but not all the time. What value are you giving your online community? Mix it up a bit!

The 80/20 has been around for a while: 80% content that interests your audience, 20% that includes a direct sales call-to-action. There’s also the 5:3:2 – 5 x 3rd party content, 3 x your own content and 2 x personal, fun content . – memes etc!

Then there’s the 30/60/10 and the 4-1-1! What we’re all saying really is, offer a good spread. Think buffet rather than a fixed menu. Mix-up your images, videos, memes, links and copy.

There is of course no magic wand here, but think about who you’re writing for. Not what you’re trying to sell.


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