Sadly, You Can’t Rely Solely On Facebook For Your Business

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Depending on how much you’re ” into” social media, you may have read recently about the demise of ‘LittleThings’ At their height they had 100 employees. Recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms purportedly killed off the business almost overnight, as a huge proportion of the traffic to their website came via Facebook. Their reach crashed through the floor, meaning the income earned via their website disappeared too. Here’s why your business can’t solely rely on Facebook.

I want to first give you an example. A few years ago, I became aware of a business that seemed to be doing really well, trading on Facebook. No website, very little other social media. When I say ” doing well” I mean thousands of followers/likes. I followed the page and could see the level of engagement received on each post, so even if only a small percentage led to actual sales, I think it’s fair to assume that they were doing well.

I unfollowed a few months back as I didn’t feel the posts were relevant any more to me, but remembered them straightaway when I read about LittleThings and their Facebook woes…. Well, I had a Facebook ” stalk” the other day and wow. I looked at their ten most recent posts. Obviously, I haven’t got access to their full stats, but when you’re looking at an average of 8 engagements (👍🏻 ❤) etc per post when you’ve got over 40K followers, then that can’t be good for business. Their reach must have bombed. Please understand that I’m not wishing them ill here. I just hope they have a ‘Plan B’

Then, there’s ‘ Facebook Jail’…… If you’ve ever experienced it, it’s a lonely place! Facebook aren’t interested in hearing your explanations. I’ve heard of business pages being closed, with no right of reply. I’ve heard of personal accounts being deactivated for periods of time. I’ve even experienced myself Facebook closing an advertising account, yet they wouldn’t explain why. I’m still none the wiser. Fortunately, I’ve resolved it and they reactivated it. Thankfully! Now, if you’ve got all of your chickens in the Facebook basket, what are you going to do?!

You can’t avoid Facebook. If your dream clients/existing clients – whoever are using Facebook then your business should be on there too. Just please consider the worse case scenario for you. No access to Facebook. How are people going to find you then? At least get a website. They don’t have to break the bank. They really don’t. Give people a chance to find you online, other than on Facebook!